Add Mobile Refrigeration To Your Supermarket

Important factors for an implementation of a new refrigeration system.

Based on a recent research study of several leading food retailers, the following factors were considered most important when preparing for the implementation of a new refrigeration system.

1. Simple — Operators are seeking to minimize complexities by using systems that are easy to understand and diagnose. Many associate system simplicities with reliability and believe it can be achieved with fewer moving parts, traditional system architectures, and proven refrigeration strategies.

2. Serviceable — Technician familiarity is important to help facilitate ease of service and maintenance activities and to help ensure the availability of parts and refrigerants. Engine rooms should be located away from customers and be relatively easy to access.

3. Secure — Maintaining customer, employee, and technician safety while preserving food quality and safety are always top priorities for retailers.

4. Stable — Grocers consistently cite system stability and reliability as primary selection criteria. Systems should be capable of maintaining consistent temperatures, delivering predictable performance, and working according to design specifications.

5. Sustainable — For those supermarket operators driven by corporate sustainability objectives or regional regulatory requirements, the push toward lower-GWP refrigeration strategies is continuing in earnest.

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